Clean unit tests in 7 lessons

It’s been a while since my last post here, due to simply lack of time. In the last months, I was busy with preparing Cantiga Project for the first release. Because of the amount of work, I sacrificed automatic tests.... »

ChuckNorrisException in Java

This is my attempt to make a ChuckNorrisException in Java, an exception that cannot be caught. The implementation is interesting, because it actually throws an exception, and it may cause a true confusion if you see it for the first... »

Barriers in LMAX Disruptor

LMAX Disruptor is an event queue implementation that made a lot of buzz on the Internet a couple of years ago due to its impressive performance and unique approach to concurrency issues. The library was designed by LMAX Exchange Inc.,... »

Startable services with Guice

I’ve been using Guice for several years so far. After some time, I encountered a problem of implementing startable services in one of my applications. I could not hardcode the bootstraping sequence, because the application had a modular design, and... »